1. What is the Diamond Jubilee Jamati Registration Form?
    • The Diamond Jubilee Jamati Registration Form is a family registration form for the various programs and events that may take place during the Diamond Jubilee year. The registration for USA Jamati members is via paper form only.
  2. Who all should complete and submit this registration form?
    • All Jamati members residing in the USA should register with one form per family. Registration is only for those who permanently live in the USA.
  3. Can I complete the registration form in any other language besides English?
    • The registration form is only available in English, and it must also be completed in English.
  4. What if I need help completing the registration form?
    • Our registration team members at the help desk can answer your questions and provide you with assistance in completing the form.
  5. Do I need to complete and submit the registration form today?
    • You can submit the form any day by January 19, 2018. You will need to have all members of your family present and all adults (18 and over) must have a valid identification.
  6. Which family members should I include in the registration form?
    • A family includes: (a) you, (b) your spouse, (c) children (d) parents and (e) grandparents living together. University students living away from home may be included as part of the family (please see FAQ #12 for more details).
  7. Should joint families complete one or two forms?
    • If you live in a joint family (meaning more than one family lives at the same address), we request that each individual family complete a separate registration form. Parents or grandparents should only be included on one of the family’s form.
  8. Should I register my non-Ismaili Spouse and/or Child on the Diamond Jubilee Jamati Registration Form?
    • Yes, non-Ismaili spouses & children are encouraged to register as well. They can also sign up (in JEMS) to offer their service as a volunteer for Diamond Jubilee Programs.
  9. When is the last date to submit my registration form?
    • Submission deadline for the Diamond Jubilee Jamati Registration Form is January 19, 2018.

  11. Do I need to bring each member of my family to submit the Diamond Jubilee Jamati Registration Form?
    • Yes, the entire family including children to be present at the time of form submission. Adults (18 and over i.e. anyone born before January 2000) MUST have a valid U.S. photo ID. This includes all non-Ismaili members of the family listed on the form as well. Forms to be submitted at the family’s Primary Jamatkhana.
  12. What are some examples of a valid photo ID?
    • A valid ID can be any form of an ID issued in the USA that has a name, date of birth (preferred) and photo of Jamati member. Some examples include: driver’s license, federal or state issued ID card, U.S. passport, or college ID. If you do not have an ID that fits these requirements, please talk to a registration team member.
  13. My child is in university and lives away from home. Should they be included on the registration form?
    • Yes, if you plan on having your child attend the Diamond Jubilee events with the rest of the family. If the child can’t attend the Diamond Jubilee event with the rest of the family then, he/she should complete his/her own registration form in the city they live in.

  15. How do I make the request for a Chair?
    • Chairs will be assigned to individuals who meet one or more of the following criteria: over the age of 70, expecting mothers, or have a medical condition that requires a chair.Individuals meeting these criteria should mark ‘CH’ in the column labeled “Chair Code” on the registration form. Accordingly, a Health Board volunteer will contact the primary phone number provided on the registration form to determine the exact nature of the need for a chair (if not over 70 years old).
  16. What provisions will be made for members who are in a Permanent Wheelchair?
    • Please mark ‘PW’ for any family member who is permanently in a wheelchair and please bring your own wheelchair. If you only need a wheelchair to get to/from your car, volunteers will be available with wheelchairs to assist those Jamati members between parking lot and facility.
  17. What should I do if I have Special Needs or a Medical Need?
    • Individuals requiring such assistance should mark ‘MM’ in the column labeled “Medical Code” on the registration form. Accordingly, a Health Board volunteer will contact the primary phone number provided on the registration form to determine the exact nature of the need.
    • Types of a medical need or special assistance can include, but are not limited to: Hospitalized individuals, Special needs or any other disability, Constant monitoring by a medical professional, Special equipment, Severe hearing or vision impairment, Nursing home and skilled facility residents.

  19. What do I do with the receipt I received after submitting my form?
    • It is very important that you retain the registration form receipt. Please keep it in a safe place, as you will be required to present it later in the registration process. The receipt will be needed if you have any questions, concerns or updates to your registration data.
  20. What happens now that I have sub-mitted my form?
    • No action is required at this time. We will provide updates via announcements and websites on next steps of the registration process.
  21. Is there a number I can call if I have additional questions or want to update my information?
    • Yes, you can call 855-55DJUSA (855-553-5872) for additional information and request any updates. Please have your registration form receipt number available. Also, please visit http://the.Ismaili/diamond-jubilee-USA and download “Ismaili USA” App from Apple Store or Google Play.

Contact 1-855-55DJUSA (1-855-553-5872) for additional information