Now Available: Jubilee Songs Albums
As we commemorate Mawlana Hazar Imam’s Diamond Jubilee, it is a time to reflect on his guidance and love for his Jamat, as well as our gratitude and devotion to him for 60 years of service to humanity.  His singular focus on improving the quality of our spiritual and material lives inspires us to be the best that we can be so that we may realize his aspirations for us.

To celebrate this historic occasion, and to express our sentiments at this joyous time, the Jamati Institutions are delighted to present all songs currently available on the Jubilee Songs Albums. These expressions of love and devotion have been prepared by our Jamat for the compilation of the Jubilee Songs albums. These songs reflect the Jamat's diversity of cultures, and unity in our affection for our Imam.

Additional studio quality recordings of songs will be considered throughout the Diamond Jubilee year. Please e-mail for more information.

Please click here to enjoy these beautiful compositions.

The Ismaili USA App

The Jamati Institutions are excited to launch the Ismaili USA mobile app for Apple and Android devices. This informational app provides details on Diamond Jubilee initiatives, programs and activities, announcements, and news. Get up to date information on your regional events, and add them directly to your calendar. The app is available for download only in the United States.

Celebrating the auspicious occasion of Diamond Jubilee comes in many forms, including dance. The Jamat is invited to celebrate the ethic of pluralism by participating in a new communal dance: the One Jamat Celebration Dance. The music and steps in this specially composed and choreographed dance reflect the diversity of the USA Jamat.

To learn at home with your friends and family, click here.

The Jamati Institutions are seeking performers for various programs and events during the Diamond Jubilee year. If you are a choreographer, dancer, singer, musician, or actor, please click on the link above to submit a video of yourself performing along with information about your skills, experience, and interests.Interfaith spouses and children are also invited to participate.

Journey for Health is a program that aims to improve the Jamat’s health, increase physical activity, and reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. In addition to capturing Jamati members’ progress towards better health, the Journey for Health portal will lead the Jamat on a virtual tour of 20 institutional and AKDN sites. Start the journey individually or as a team.

To register, visit, and use code WALKUSA (all caps, no spaces) as your Jamatkhana code. The link can be saved to start tracking steps or the minutes spent on  favorite exercise.

The Ismaili USA Magazine is Now Digital!
The Council for USA is pleased to share with the Jamat that The Ismaili USA magazine is now available in digital format. Features of the digital magazine include interactive hyperlinks, video, and high resolution pictures. Click here to read the magazine.